How is our PSK Produced?

medicinal mushrooms powder
PSK is extracted from a medicinal mushroom known as Trametes versicolor. (other names this mushroom is known by include: Coriolus versicolor, Kawatake, Turkey Tail, Yunzhi). The substance is extracted from this mushroom using a multi-step hot water extraction process and the result is an Active Proteoglycan compound.

What is the Recommended Dosage for PSK Trammune?

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Maintenance Dosage is: 1-3 Capsules per day
Therapeutic Dosage is: 6 Capsules per day
If your Doctor or Health Professional has specified a dosage it is advisable to follow their instructions.

When should I take my PSK Trammune?

It is better to take your PSK capsules at least 30 mins before food.
If you have a sensitive stomach take it will food to start and gradually adjust time (5mins then 10mins) before eating gradually.
If you require support with taking your PSK at any time please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 795545 or email: info@psktrammune.com.au

Can I take PSK with other medications?

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Yes, There are No Known Drug Interactions and No Reported Adverse Reactions with the use of PSK.

How long can I take PSK?

Medicinal mushrooms
PSK could be taken for an indefinate period if necessary as clinical trials have documented evidence of patients taking PSK for more than 10 years.

How does PSK work?

Medicinal mushrooms and immune system
The answer appears to lie in our immune system. The immune system defends against anything that goes wrong anywhere in the body. The immune system is comprised with many types of cells that circulate in the blood or populate the body tissues including the spleen, thymus, bone marrow, lung and gut. The function of these cells is to detect and eliminate any threats to the body, known collectively as ‘The Immune Response.’

Who can benefit from Trametes Versicolor?

The active ingredient responsible for the complete immune enhancing effect of Trametes versicolor is polysaccharide-K (PSK). Trametes PSK is formulated as a freeze-dried mycelial powder extract and encapsulated for effective delivery of the PSK immune nutrient.  Based on the available evidence from a huge body of research, the key reasons to take Trametes PSK would include typically those people who are:  regular smokers, low in energy, exposed to radiation and toxic drugs, catch a common cold easily, recovering from injury/surgery, advancing age, stressful life, work in a health-challenging environment or those with laboratory-confirmed impaired immunity.

What is PSK?

Medicinal mushrooms and cancer treatment
PSK Trammune® contains the active ingredient PSK or Polysaccharide-K which is the immunotherapeutic extract derived from this medicinal mushroom Trametes versicolor. Polysaccharide-K is part of a class of Immunomodulators known as ‘biological response modifiers’ which stimulate the body’s immune function. PSK’s ability to enhance cellular immune function and stimulate the immune system helps the body
maintain correct balance between cellular & humoral immunity. Read more