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PSK Trammune® is sold in bottles of 90 capsules and contains PURE CONCENTRATED PSK EXTRACT.

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Medicinal Mushrooms have been widely used for centuries throughout Asia. The most well known of these is Coriolus versicolor also known as Trametes versicolor, Yun Zhi , Kawatake or Turkey Tail. It can be identified by a fan-shape of colourful waves which is why it is often referred to as the Turkey Tail Mushroom. 

PSK Trammune® contains an extract derived from the Trametes versicolor medicinal mushroom using a multi-step hot water extraction process.  This process is completed in a fully certified pharmaceutical facility under controlled conditions.  PSK Trammune® is encapsulated & packaged using an Australian TGA approved manufacturer.  Our Technically Advanced analytical “fingerprint” method of testing is used to ensure that every batch of Trammune® offers quality, purity, potency and consistency. 

Great care is taken to ensure a High Quality Active Proteoglycan Concentrated Extract is the end result.






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